What our bags are made of...

Apple Leather + Recycled Polyester

What is Apple Leather?

Apple leather is a bio-based material that is made from left over apple peel and waste recovered from the fruit juice industry.

The apple leather used in our products is made using 50% apple waste mixed with 50% PU.

The result is a durable, soft, breathable, UV-resistant, and hypoallergenic fabric that is perfect for our leather bags and accessories.

Apple leather is also a more sustainable option as the repurposing of apple skin keeps them from decomposing and producing methane that contributes to climate change. 

It is vegan and cruelty-free.

How is Apple Leather Made?

Originating from the region of Bolzano in northern Italy.

The fabric is created by first taking the recovered apple waste from the apple juice industry and grounding it into a fine powder.

The powder is then mixed with harmless, non-toxic, organic pigment and combined with polyurethane to transform into a bio-based leather.

This apple leather is then used to create all of our leather products.

Recycled Polyester Lining

All of our bags lining is made from recycled polyester. The recycled polyester that we use is made from recyced plastic water bottles and is Global Recycled Standard Approved.